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Website Design

Website Design Fulham – your website is your shop window – where customers browse through your pages – worldwide, and there are many elements to consider before you can have an online presence.

Choosing the right web designer should include solutions to assist you with:

  • A Domain Name (‘’).
  • A Domain Host – somewhere to store your website (‘Server’).
  • Administrative Control panel (‘cPanel’).
  • Website Building software (WordPress®, Magento®)
  • Your web designer should also have knowledge of HTML coding.

So, have your business moved to the World Wide Web (‘www’) and now being called (the cloud)!

We can also advise on your current website, by completing a website audit.  We click through your existing pages and provide feedback on any suggestions for improvements.

The business-to-customer proposition requires first-class skills in Website Development which GEMS possesses, so that the look, feel and ease of navigation of the site encourage purchases and repeat visits.

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