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Computer Courses

Computer Courses Fulham – our training sessions will raise your level of competence in Information, Communications & Technology (‘ICT’) skills.  You can improve your productivity at home or work – learning to use your hardware (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet) more effectively.

  1. Bespoke (tailor-made) Computer Courses.
  2. One-to-one Computer sessions.
  3. Small Computer Workshops.
  4. Website Solution Courses.

Our IT & Operations Manager is a qualified Adult Learning Tutor and certified Microsoft Office® Specialist.  Her area of specialisation is ICT and Microsoft Office® 365.  We provide bespoke ICT one-to-one sessions – specifically tailored to your individual needs delivered at:

  • Your home or business premises.
  • On your own computer and equipment.

We can deliver the:

  1. European Computer Driving Licence (‘ECDL’) syllabus.
  2. Microsoft Office 365.
  3. A tailor-made course or session to suit your individual needs.
  4. A tailor-made group session.

These sessions can include:

  • Basic concepts of information technology.
  • Creating and customising documents – Microsoft® Word (Word Processing).
  • Creating and manipulating data – Microsoft® Excel (Spreadsheets).
  • Email and contacts management – Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Information and Communication (exploring the web and mastering Browsers).
  • Operating Systems – Apple Mac and Microsoft® Windows.
  • Note-taking and keeping – Microsoft® OneNote.
  • Presenting data visually – Microsoft® PowerPoint (Presentations).
  • Using a computer and managing files.

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