New Chelsea FC Foundation Entrepreneurs’ Programme ran by Chelsea Football Club Foundation in April 2018, is where and when two people met.  Those two people were Christopher Bick and Glynis McQueen-Simon.

This course was designed for Entrepreneurs thinking about self-employment and starting their own business.

The course provides support for the definition and development of a business idea.

Attendees learn the skills of selling a product or service, as well as, testing their business idea to see if it’s a viable option.

The course covered the following business planning topics:

  1. Your Business & You.
  2. The Business.
  3. About You,
  4. The Products and Services.
  5. The Market.
  6. Start up Costs.
  7. The Competition.
  8. Strengths and Weaknesses.
  9. Marketing Plan.
  10. Selling your Products and Services.
  11. Running your Business from Home.
  12. Back up Plan.

On successful completion, the attendees will receive a OCNLR Level 2 Certificate in First Steps to Enterprise.

Kensington & Chelsea Accounting Limited is a testament to their business viability.  Read about them and follow their journey to business success!

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